10/12/15 Turning

Your brother and his wife, of just
a few hours, are holding each other
close on the dance floor, turning.

Here – on the cement slab that was
once your basketball court, now aglow
and gilded with flowers and lights –
they circle slowly, feet inching bit
by bit, around and around.

And here am I, under the vast sky,
watching. We have all gathered here
around them, orbiting these two bodies,
which are turning and merging beneath
this deep and bright milky way.
The stars in all their countless number,
each with its own orbiters – planets and moons,
asteroids and comets – are here in the dance,
turning – as are these two,
as are you and I.

Each of us is here just now, standing at the center
of an orbit of loved ones, that so surely circle round.
And all witness to the changing alchemy of
sky and planet and place and heart.

We are all so far from being alone.

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