6/12/16 Slick sliding slope

slick sliding slope
the steepness carrying all before it
nothing to rest on, nowhere
to rest

and I cried
and I cried

for fear, for love
of this life,
for humility and the reminder that
my life is tenuous, and
your life is tenuous.

our soft skin,
soft bone, so easily crushed
by sliding rock, careening rock,
rock and tumbling rock.

I look up that chute and I see
just how steep it was.
and my heart falters –
my throat closes off, the
tightness in my chest

the grip of fear is real.
the mountains have blessed me
with fear, which also feels
like gratitude –

to be alive,
to hold this earth
in my hands,
sit on her back
swim in her cool waters
and refresh my soul
into the clarity of
tears and lovemaking.

I’ll take this moment,
and these mountains.
and I’ll take the fear,
and the wash of gratitude.

I’ll take the long way around,
the slow descent
of my body
wave by wave,
by moment.

I’ll take the long goodbye
and the ever-hopefully long
here of hello,
of now, of this greeting.
the meeting of body
and earth.

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