wild mountain buckwheat, sun trees, thick air. fires burning, burning, burning all around.   Huntington Lake, central Sierra Nevada August 6, 2018 Years of active fire suppression in California, combined with increasingly dangerous fire-spreading weather conditions due to climate change has led to the largest wildfires on record in the last several years. The smoke … More burning


  green green, life green, sap green, breath green   I have been released from the dryness of a land without water. I am parched for this abundance – this dazzling upswell of cells upon cells all thirsting for life. Gladly, we rush forth and drink in it’s pleasure. Eastern deciduous forest Oregon Ridge Park, Maryland Photographs taken … More upswell

Owens River

Owens River, eastern Sierra Nevada, March 31, 2018 There is an invisible hand sweeping its fingers through the long grasses in just the loving way my fingers sweep through my love’s hair at night. The waters ripple under the gaze of the long-watching mountains. Everything has a place. Home is real, and never far away. … More Owens River