the meeting

There is this great softness when I slow down and see. entering the body and the world in the same breath. the whole thing a dance, all parts moving together, shifting, gliding, in open focus. my weight pours into earth, as an egret in the river, moving through that steady open surface and the dark … More the meeting


shaped by something beyond itself. returning to the cusp of the world. sighing, weeping, warming, and turning back into what it has always been. here is the place we go to feel our wholeness – not as we imagined we would be but as we cannot help ourselves to be. here we come to know ourselves … More body


1. disabled. dis-abled dis- as in not, as in the reverse of. I am not quite dis-abled, nor am I quite abled. I am, it would seem, in-between the two. Perhaps I am inter-abled? semi-abled? Or would that be mid-abled? But no, the feeling of this being not right, of not supposed to, of “we … More dis-abled