in the calm

a swath of sky opens between bands of earth. there is space below, as well as above.     St. Mary’s County, Maryland November 3rd, 2018

the meeting

There is this great softness when I slow down and see. entering the body and the world in the same breath. the whole thing a dance, all parts moving together, shifting, gliding, in open focus. my weight pours into earth, as an egret in the river, moving through that steady open surface and the dark … More the meeting

ancient ones

what is it liketo be of an ancient,unbroken lineage?to have made it so long throughthe coursesand trials of time? ginkgo stretcheshis unbranched arms out, reaching across space,pointing me in all directions — see,this is what we came for. this is whatwe have remained for. you may learnto remain too, but for thatyou need to understandhumility. nitty gritty: Ginkgo trees extend as … More ancient ones


I. News dropped into a world to which I did not know I was agreeing to navigate, where bearings are few and far between, where everything changes daily, an unstoppable flow of information and rhetoric, a chaotic churn, that determines lives and which of them matter, with a vastness and immediacy that pulls us on and … More bearings


fallen. brought down from a height, rent from your sister, your other half whose trunk is bare where you once stood. this day awakens in golds and greens, yesterday’s chaos forgotten, and only your teeming branches askew. your long body, now made into an offering – for those who will come anew, for those who have … More cedar


shaped by something beyond itself. returning to the cusp of the world. sighing, weeping, warming, and turning back into what it has always been. here is the place we go to feel our wholeness – not as we imagined we would be but as we cannot help ourselves to be. here we come to know ourselves … More body


I revel in the field with its thickets of weeds outside my door I crave their unruly abundance. To see that which happens of itself truly happen of itself is a relief. We don’t have to keep the whole world going. St. Mary’s County, Maryland October 2018


wild mountain buckwheat, sun trees, thick air. fires burning, burning, burning all around.   Huntington Lake, central Sierra Nevada August 6, 2018 Years of active fire suppression in California, combined with increasingly dangerous fire-spreading weather conditions due to climate change has led to the largest wildfires on record in the last several years. The smoke … More burning


  green green, life green, sap green, breath green   I have been released from the dryness of a land without water. I am parched for this abundance – this dazzling upswell of cells upon cells all thirsting for life. Gladly, we rush forth and drink in it’s pleasure. Eastern deciduous forest Oregon Ridge Park, Maryland Photographs taken … More upswell